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April 27 2017

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Clear your mind here

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April 26 2017

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Mine is mostly cognitive.

I have all three. Well oops.

Dammit! So do I!

No one has said this yet, so I feel I must.


So many people don’t seem to understand that social anxiety can manifest itself in multiple ways. Some people will just dismiss that you have social anxiety if you don’t fit into what they perceive it to be, and that lack of understanding can be really hurtful. So thank you for this.

(And as my personal comment, I fit into behavioural and cognitive.)

I have cognitive :(

[- Cognitive and Behavioural :S -]


#I’m just curious why they made it into the Chrome logo…

I feel like I just won the “cognitive bingo…”

I am lucky, I only have physical.

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April 25 2017

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modus operandi
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Nicholas Tolmachev
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This is really not so much a guide as a break-down of what I usually see happen when someone has a problem. There’s no need to “out-do” the person with a bigger problem of your own, but instead just offer a listening ear and some sympathy. This is all very generalized and simplified of course! 

By Chibird [tumblr | facebook | instagram]

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oh hey look something the media doesn’t want you to believe exists 

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